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California State Approved Notary Public Course for Home Study!

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Certificate (Free to download and study but will require a State Certificate of Completion $29.95 in order to take your notary examination.)

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s, it covers all of the same information as our live notary seminars at This California State Approved 6-Hour Notary Home-Study Course can be used to satisfy your California notary education requirements. If you are seeking a California notary commission, please note that California does require additional steps beyond this study and there are additional costs associated with the commissioning process.

If you do not want to become a commissioned notary public in the state of California and would just like to learn about California Notary Law, this course is for you and is absolutely free of charge.

Why is this free?
It’s really very simple. We provide this study guide free as a marketing tool. No hidden adgendas! We want you to trust us to prepare you for your California notary examination and we are willing to prove it by allowing you to investigate our curriculum even before you decide whether or not you want to become a commissioned notary public. We also have live notary seminars which cover all of the information presented in this course and your instructor will be able to guide you through questions and the notary jargon you need to know before taking your exam. The California notary exam is given after every live semniar so attending one of our live seminars is the easiest way to become a notary public. During our live seminar, we will provide the notary application, Certificate of Completion and and help you with the entire process of taking your notary exam, all in the same day! A live seminar is the most convenient way to obtain your California notary commission.

Do I have to attend a live seminar to become a California notary public?
No. California state law requires that all new notary applicants complete an approved 6-hour course of study and then pass a written state exam. You may complete this requirement at a live seminar or by studying this 6-hour home study course. Recommissioning notaries public only need to take a 3-hour refresher course and exam every four years. We do offer these 3-hour courses at our live seminar sites as well as a 3-hour home study.

If studying this guide is sufficient to meet California’s educational requirement, why would I want to take your live seminar instead?
There are of course many advantages to taking our live seminar.

  1. The state exam is always given immediately following our live seminars.
  2. The live seminar is only 6 hours and only costs $69.95.
  3. Anyone taking the live seminar will receive the required Certificate of Completion at no extra charge and is automatically registered to take the exam. No additional requirements will be necessary to notify the Secretary of State of your intent to become a notary. Everything, including the notary application is handled on the day of the seminar and exam.
  4. Our seminar sites include the opportunity to purchase notary supplies, journals, ink pads, notary seals and much more at exceptional prices and no shipping costs!
  5. You can begin establishing important notary networking opportunities by meeting many other notaries in your area. This is a great resource for the future when you have difficult notary questions in the field or just want to make a new professional friend.
  6. Only our 6-hour live seminars come with our pass guarantee!

What if I don't have time to take a live seminar but I still want to become a California Notary Public?

You may use this course to satisfy California's requiments to become a California notary public if you cannot attend a live seminar but there are costs associated with commissioning.

Certificate of Completion- $29.95 including postage and handling of your certificate. This certificate must be presented at the time of your examination or the Secretary of State will not process your commission.

Registering for the exam site- $30

The state requires that all applicants take the notary exam in-person. On-line exams are not permitted. Once you finish the Home Study course, you must register for your exam. Please call for Notary Examination Registration at 1-800-873-9865. Locations for the notary examinations can be found on our class schedule page below. Please note that only live 6-hour seminar registrants ($69.95) have our pass guarantee and registering for a class (live semninar) automatically registers you for the examination on the same day as the seminar.

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